Place where you will find only plant based and organic products!

Hamamelis was born in 2021 and was established of our passion to give our customers the opportunity to use efficient & safe natural cosmetics. HAMAMELIS started as a small family business 30 years ago and has grown over the years into an efficient team of green beauty lovers (however, we are still like a one big family!).

The brands we have chosen are breaking myths, whereby natural cosmetics would somehow be ineffective compared to synthetic products.
In the brands we represent, the unbelievable efficacy of plants and fruits is combined with the latest achievements of high technology. All brands in our selection are cruelty-free & natural.
Majority of the products are also vegan or organic.

🌿 Why we chose natural products? 🌿

Up to 64 % of the stuff we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body and affects our well-being, so it’s not insignificant which products you’re using. By using top quality organic cosmetics, you efficiently decrease the chemical burden of your body. The products of our selection include the best organic ingredients and all the products are extremely nurturant and the brands are certified.

🌿 What brands do we represent? 🌿

The Yves Rocher brand from France is a cosmetic that is created on a plant basis. Formulas contains organic plants, such as calendula, chamomile, microalgae and others, but all shower gel or perfume fragrances come from natural essential oils and extracts.

ECOOKING brand from Denmark is organic and natural cosmetics. Everyday skincare luxury for your skin. Formulated with special attention to organic and natural ingredients and their effects on the skin. Most of their products are Allergy certified and fragrance-free. However even products with fragrance doesn’t contain additional added perfume, it simply comes from natural extracts and essential oils used in formula.

🌿 Why Hamamelis? 🌿

Hamamelis (also known as witch hazel) has been a magical plant since ancient times. This plant was used as a calming and hypoallergenic agent. In modern medicine and cosmetics, it is used as a soothing and rejuvenating ingredient suitable for the whole family. This plant is the king of skin care because it prevents any skin problems. This ingredient can be found in Yves Rocher's line of products for the whole family HAMAMELIS with witch hazel extract.


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