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ECOOKING ESSENCE LOTION for moisturized and toned skin with caffeine, hypoallergenic, 200ml

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200 ml


Universal face essence skin hydration that replaces your tonic for the face. Effectively helps maintain facial skin moisture, strengthens the skin's protective barrier, fights hyperpigmentation. Gives the skin a healthy, natural glow and prepares the skin for the next care steps. Light texture and formula that instantly hydrates the skin.

Essence Face Lotion is the first step in your daily skin care routine. The lotion is easy to flow with an immediate effect, makes the skin softer, fresher and healthier. A moisturizing and nourishing blend of ingredients moisturizes, softens and protects the skin. Its light, almost watery texture allows it to quickly penetrate the skin, into the deeper layers of the skin, so your skin will quickly be ready for the next skin care product.

Essence facial toner contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine and Bifida enzyme for immediate skin hydration, cell stimulation and protection. This combination of active ingredients prevents premature aging of the skin, smoothes the skin, promotes collagen production and protects against UV-induced skin damage. Essence lotion protects the skin against DNA damage caused by excessive UV exposure.

    Valuable ingredients:

    • Hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • A natural red algae that promotes collagen production. Contains a high concentration of minerals that moisturize and protect the skin
    • Natural probiotic particles (Bifida enzyme) that strengthen the skin's defenses and help regenerate the skin. Prevents premature aging of the skin. Protects against UV damage.
    • Organic cucumber water to soothe irritated or sensitive skin
    • Natural caffeine that stimulates the skin and dilates the blood vessels of the skin, which makes the skin fresher
    • Organic aloe vera that provides the skin with a cooling and protective layer that keeps moisture in the skin

          How to use:

          Apply 2-3 drops of Essence lotion on a pre-moistened cotton pad from which you squeezed out the excess water. You can immediately put 2-3 drops in the palms and then apply on the skin of the face. Finish the procedure by moisturizing the skin with a cream. Use in the morning and evening. Avoid the eye area.
          According to the rules of multi-step facial skin care, you should start with the lightest product and finish with the densest one.
          1. Clean the skin of the face from cosmetics and dirt, for example with Micellar water and Cleansing milk
          2. Apply the Essence and let it absorb
          3. Apply Day or Night cream

          WORTH KNOWING:

          Use Essences Lotion to prepare your skin for the next skin care ritual.

          • Natural and organic ingredients
          • Fragrance free
          • Hypoallergenic
          • Paraben free
          • Eco packaging 
          • Vegan
          • Dermatologically tested
          • Made in Denmark


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